Our group studies the electronic properties of molecular and mechanical systems at the nanoscale. Most of the experiments we perform involve a combination of top-down and bottom-up nanotechnology.

Top-down nanotechnology is used to build nanometer-scale structures that are used as resonators or to make electrical contact to single molecules or nanoparticles. Bottom-up technologies we use include self-assembly techniques to contact the molecules between electrodes, place nanoparticles in well ordered arrays, and to grow carbon nanotubes. At the smallest end of the spectrum we also build atomic nanostructures from scratch through atom manipulation using scanning tunneling microscopy.

The MED group consists of several labs with different expertises:

van der Zant Lab

Molecular electronics, semiconducting nanoparticles and room temperature nano-electromechnical systems (NEMS)


Steele Lab

Mircowave probes of motion and matter


Otte Lab

Atomically assembled magnetic nanostructures



Caviglia Lab

Quantum nanomaterials


Gröblacher Lab

Quantum optomechanics with photonic crystals


In addition, MED is host to part-time PI’s Peter Steeneken and Liberato Manna.